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If you are looking for watering equipment for your plants, you have come to the right place. In our catalogue, we offer various watering systems for your garden. Browse our selection of products and make your choice according to your needs: hose, rainwater collector, sprayer...

Watering equipment for your plants

To maintain your garden, you need the right equipment for each task. Watering is one of them that you should not neglect. Indeed, keeping your plants well hydrated, whether they are flowers, fruit or vegetables, is a prerequisite to ensure their proper development. Of course, rain helps to water the garden, but it is not enough. In this case, you must also equip yourself with watering equipment like the one we offer here in our catalogue. Plants need light as well as water to stay healthy. It is up to you to feed them sufficiently. But you need to know how to do this and use the right equipment. Here is what you can find at Ducatillon for garden irrigation.

Our watering equipment to take care of your garden

Watering equipment is essential, but it is important to know the function of each one. In our catalogue we offer various practical watering systems to accompany the daily life of garden enthusiasts. Let's find out what we have to offer:

  • - The water tank: this is a flexible rainwater collector that you can install and store very easily. It is an ecological as well as an economical solution since you use a natural resource that falls directly from the sky. In addition, it is healthier than tap water. Watering your garden will be even more beneficial.
  • - The water bag : An innovative system for transporting large quantities of water. It fits on a wheelbarrow or trolley.
  • - The weeping hose : This garden watering system is easy to use. It is also an economical solution. The principle? The water oozes down the length of the hose and into the soil all around your plants. The little extra: there is no need to clean it.
  • - Drip watering kit for several plants: watering is done autonomously and continuously on several plants at the same time. This watering equipment is therefore ideal for saving time.
  • - Drip system for bottles: this irrigation system is attached directly to the cap of an empty water bottle which acts as a reservoir.
  • - 20 drip irrigation kit: an irrigation system that allows continuous watering of 20 plants simultaneously.
  • - The watering timer: attached to a tap, it automates the watering of your lawn. All you have to do is choose the necessary watering time (from 0 to 120 minutes) before the tap turns off.

We also offer other useful accessories for watering your garden. We invite you to browse our catalogue to find what you need. All the watering equipment you need to irrigate your garden can be found here. Discover it now in this category. Browse also our category: weed whacker.