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Breeding aims to guarantee the best conditions for the life and development of your animals. This implies, among other things, the habitat, hygiene, care and feeding. At Ducatillon, we offer a wide range of food supplements in order to maintain your livestock in good health and guarantee optimal growth.

What is the purpose of food supplements ?

The use of food supplements for animals is a simple and effective solution to protect them against the risks of diseases. It avoids the need to use drugs, which are often expensive and require a lot of precautions to use them properly. There are different types of vitamins that you can adapt according to the animal and its needs: to reduce stress, to prevent parasites, to care for the plumage and anti-pecking of poultry, to facilitate egg laying, reproduction or growth.

Our range of food supplements for animals

In addition to a sufficient and adapted diet, you can also provide a nutrient supplement to improve the health of your animals. We offer several products rich in vitamins to satisfy the needs of your animals and the good management of your breeding. Here is an overview of our product line :

For the prevention of parasites, coccidia or mange

These animal feed supplements are used for ducks, game birds, pigeons, guinea fowl, chickens, turkeys, geese, ducklings, guinea fowl, chicks, rabbits or hares. They allow to protect them against the possible parasites and diseases they can be victims of. We offer products against red lice on hens and lice on pigeons, ducks or aviary birds. Other food supplements are made to facilitate intestinal transit, strengthen natural defenses and resistance to disease.

Food supplements for poultry: plumage care and anti-pecking

For your hens and other feathered animals, we offer products that allow the quality, the waterproofing and the regrowth of the feathers. In chicken farms, chickens can have a tendency to peck and pluck feathers from other chickens. This is called pecking. If this is a normal behavior due to the hierarchy between them, it can get out of hand. To avoid excessive injuries, there are anti-pecking products for hens. These products provide the necessary vitamins to prevent this.

Egg-laying facilitators

Vitamin E helps to promote reproduction, while calcium can improve the calcification of eggs. The shells will thus be stronger. Our range of food supplements for animals is composed of this type of product. You can dilute them with water or add them to the feeders.

Vitamins to improve the growth of animals

For sufficient nutrition in the diet of your livestock, we have a wide selection of products containing vitamins. Some of them are plant-based. Introducing these supplements into your animals' feed helps them fight external infections and does not affect meat or egg production.