Chicken coop accessories

Chicken coop accessories




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The layout of the henhouse is essential for the well-being of your chickens. The accessories offered by Ducatillon allow to combine practicality for the breeder and well-being for your animals. The poultry accessories offered are varied and accessible to all.

How to promote the well-being of your chickens ?

In order for your animals to feel good, it is important that they live in a healthy and adequate environment for their development. This development starts with a dry henhouse, containing various essential accessories such as a feeder and a waterer. The comfort of your chickens is of primary importance and is your main priority. Healthy chickens will give you quality eggs. Moreover, cleanliness and comfort are inseparable and essential.

How to choose the right accessories?

It is important to choose accessories according to the chicken house you already have, and to take into account its size. Key factors to take into account are the number of hens in the coop. In addition, various accessories are essential in the formation of a hen house. First of all, a nesting box is essential for the peace and quiet of your hens, and thus allow them to brood peacefully. Moreover, it is possible to add a perch, however this accessory can be a source of conflict between hens, it is important to take a number of perch adapted to the number of hens present in the henhouse in order to minimize rivalries between them. Then, a hen house cannot be formed without the presence of a feeder and a waterer. You will find different types of feeders depending on the needs of the animals but also your personal needs and your availability. You can also add an electronic doorkeeper that will allow you to open and close the hen house easily in order to protect your hens from predators at night.

How to secure the coop?

Today, chicken houses are the target of many predators, such as foxes, weasels, etc. In general, these predators attack at night, and very little during the day. Ducatillon offers you essential accessories to keep your hens safe in their henhouse. The electronic doorkeeper is ideal for the security of the henhouse and the animals. Indeed, this accessory responds to extreme temperature conditions, and will keep your poultry safe. It can also take the form of a manual doorkeeper, with a clock or a light sensor.

The comfort of the hens

Dedicated laying areas allow the hens to have optimal comfort and to be in good health and to lay quality eggs. At Ducatillon, you will find different ranges of laying boxes that will meet your needs. They can be made of plastic, galvanized metal or automatic. Other accessories such as nest bottoms are available, which will be dedicated to the laying location. They are adaptable to different nests, and have a premium quality. To ensure the well-being of the animals, it is possible to install a slatted floor, which will keep dry and protect from excrement and dirt in the henhouse. The slatted floor allows grass to grow through the accessory, so the hens can feed on fresh grass. A hen house with the right accessories and a size adapted to the number of hens will bring well-being and good health to your animals.