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Enclosure and Cage





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Designed to raise your animals in complete safety, our enclosures and cages are available in a variety of ways to meet all your needs. Whether indoors or outdoors, or even for rodents or birds, our cages have been designed to accommodate your animals in the best possible conditions.

What is an enclosure ?

An enclosure is a secure place for your animals. It is a space delimited by panels to prevent your animal from escaping but also to prevent predators and/or pests from bothering them. Used both indoors and outdoors, pet enclosures can accommodate all types of animals ... rabbits, chickens, dogs and even birds. Moreover, these cages have been designed for breeding or fattening. They will meet all your needs!

How to choose your pen or cage?

There are a multitude of cages designed for your animals. In order to choose the right cage, it is important to consider different criteria.

  • - Dimensions: this criterion is important. You need to consider the height of your cage and enclosure to prevent your animals from falling over. And also the floor space, to give them an appropriate space. You should also consider the mesh of the panels. They should not be too large for some small animals. In addition, the dimensions are important for your animals to feel comfortable in their cage. For larger animals, it should not be too small.
  • - Modularity: modular and evolving enclosures are perfect for accompanying your animals throughout their growth. In addition, they will allow you to modulate them according to the space available.
  • - Material: this criterion should not be overlooked. Enclosures and cages are available in different materials. Plastic products are easier to clean. However, metal or galvanised steel cages are more resistant over time and have been designed to avoid corrosion.

Our different models of cages

Fattening cages :

The fattening cages are mainly intended for the breeding of poultry, birds or rabbits. These cages are equipped with drinking and feeding troughs and even a waste drawer to allow you to clean them easily.

Breeding cages:

Breeding cages will make it easier for you to breed your birds. Bird cages can be stacked on top of each other to allow you to accommodate a large number of animals. Like feeder cages, breeding cages are equipped with the essentials for feeding your animals. Some models come with pipettes for the birds, others with anti-spillage grids. In addition, some of our rearing cages have a gentle slope to allow you to collect eggs without cracking or breaking them.

Grazing cages:

These are cages that will allow you to raise your animals in the open air. These grazing cages, or sometimes called "the shed", allow your chicks, rabbits, and poultry to enjoy the grass under their feet while remaining enclosed to avoid the intrusion of pests and predators.

Finally, don't hesitate to accessorise your cages and pens with specialised drinkers and feeders.