Meadow animals

Meadow animals





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You are a breeder, have a meadow or cattle on your land? Find here everything you need for your cattle, sheep and horses. Between feeders, waterers and specialized equipment, Ducatillon Austria offers you a custom-made range.

Equipment for the horse

To take care of your horse, it will be essential for you to have sprays and shampoos for the coat, the mane and the hooves of your animal. We recommend the use of fly repellents and horsefly traps for your horse's hygiene.

Food supplements will be beneficial to keep your horse in shape during the rough times of the year.

For the maintenance of your stable, a rice straw broom and a valet will do the trick. You should also have a shovel and a manure fork for the bigger jobs.

Equip your horse's stall with an automatic waterer so that he always has water available and a hanging feeder to prevent spillage.

To keep your horse safe and prevent him from running away, you can delimit the animal's space with coils of wire connected to an energizer, which depending on the model can be charged by solar panels.

We do not forget the rider and his pants specially designed for riding. Available in men's, women's and children's versions. The blue and red or anthracite riding socks will be a perfect complementary accessory. A riding crop will accompany the essentials for riding.

Cattle and sheep breeding

Cattle, domestic animals of the ox or water buffalo species, and sheep, which are lambs, rams, ewes and sheep, have specific needs for their proper development.

Among the essentials for sheep, cattle and goats, we find automatic waterers and large capacity waterers, 5 liters, 8.5 liters, 10 liters or 18 liters. For the cold winter seasons, equip yourself with water heaters and anti-freeze heating cables to keep your animals' water at the right temperature.

We will add feeders in a rack that can be used outside all year long thanks to their cover protecting the fodder from bad weather. These functional and sturdy feeders will allow you to feed your animals on both sides of the feeder.

For young sheep and goats, Ducatillon Austria has selected the best teats and bottles for a good feeding of your animals. Depending on the size of your farm, you can choose a single bottle or a waterer with multiple nipples to feed several animals at the same time.

For sheep and shearing season, you can choose from a wide range of shears and scissors to recover the wool without damaging it or hurting the animal.

The little extra we suggest is to equip you with a salt stone, which favors the transmission of nutrients to the animals' organism. You will avoid a drop in energy of your animals and will fight effectively against the development of parasites.