Incubation and incubator

Incubation and incubator





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At Ducatillon we have a full range of automatic, semi automatic and manual egg incubators. Our incubators range from small capacity, ideal if you are incubating eggs for the first time, to larger machines with a higher capacity. Browse our different incubators with, depending on the product, more or less features like automatic humidity control, automatic turning...

What is an incubator ?

Fertile eggs can be hatched using an incubator. An incubator is an enclosed structure with a fan and heater to keep the eggs warm during the 21 day incubation period. The first thing you will need to hatch chicks is, of course, the eggs. For hatching to take place, the eggs must be fertile. Fertile eggs can be collected from chicken farms where there is a rooster.

How to choose an incubator ?

There are different types of incubator :

  • - manual
  • - semi-automatic
  • - automatic

Your choice will depend on what you are looking for. The manual incubator will be well suited for beginning breeders with a small quantity of eggs. The turning of eggs is done manually. The semi-automatic incubator is more accurate and usually pre-configured. It is a good compromise for small and medium sized farms. The automatic is the most complete model because everything is fully automated and allows a greater precision which will facilitate your task. Designed for professional breeders, it is perfectly adapted to a beginner breeder as well. Some incubators can incubate chicken eggs but not only: they can be used for pheasants, quails, ducks, guinea fowl, partridges, turkeys or geese.

Accessories for incubators

We also stock a wide range of accessories for your incubators: hatching baskets, thermometers, turning trays, turning motors... After a successful incubation with one of our products, you may also need a hatcher to deliver your newly hatched chicks in the best environment.

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