Chick breeder and heater

Chick breeder and heater





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If you're looking for a complete solution for raising and heating your chicks, Ducatillon Austria is here to meet your needs. Our wide range of products specifically designed for chicks will satisfy you. From ceramic heat lamps to regulators for heating panels, we have everything you need to ensure an optimal environment for your chicks.

Ceramic Heat Lamps: Consistent warmth for optimal growth

Ceramic heat lamps are essential for raising chicks. Thanks to their specific design, these lamps provide a constant and uniform heat, creating an ideal environment for chick growth. At Ducatillon Austria, we offer you a wide selection of ceramic heat lamps, suitable for different types of brooders. Reliable and durable, our heat lamps ensure an optimal heat level to ensure the well-being of your chicks.

Brooder Cages: Safety and comfort for chicks

Brooder cages are essential to provide a secure and comfortable space for your chicks. At Ducatillon Austria, we offer high-quality brooder cages designed to meet the specific needs of your chicks. Our cages are equipped with proper ventilation devices, providing optimal air circulation while maintaining a constant temperature. With our selection of brooder cages, you can provide an ideal environment for your chicks' development.

Chick Run Panels: Flexibility and modularity for your breeding

Chick run panels are a convenient and effective way to create customized spaces for your chicks. At Ducatillon Austria, we offer you a variety of panels for chick runs, allowing you to create enclosures tailored to your specific needs. Our panels are designed to be easily assembled and disassembled, offering maximum flexibility and modularity in organizing your breeding. Provide your chicks with a secure and well-equipped space with our chick run panels.

Heating Panels: Choose the best option

We understand that each chick breeding operation has unique heating needs. That's why we offer different types of heating panels to meet your specific requirements. Whether you're looking for infrared heating panels or ceramic heating panels, Ducatillon Austria has the solution tailored to your breeding. Our heating panels are designed for uniform heat distribution, ensuring a warm and comfortable environment for your chicks.

Gas Radiant Heaters: A practical solution for chick heating

If you prefer a gas heating option, we offer high-quality gas radiant heaters. These radiant heaters are specially designed for use in chick breeding, providing precise and controlled heat. With their advanced technology, our gas radiant heaters ensure optimal energy efficiency while creating a warm and healthy environment for your chicks.

Regulators for Heating Panels: Precise temperature control

For precise temperature control of your heating panels, our regulators offer you a reliable solution. The regulators for heating panels from Ducatillon Austria allow you to program and monitor the temperature accurately, ensuring a stable and optimal environment for your chicks. With our regulators, you can be assured that the temperature of your heating panels is maintained at an optimal level under all circumstances.

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