Wood cutting

Wood cutting




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For all your wood cutting needs, Ducatillon Austria offers you a wide range of high-quality tools and equipment. In our wood cutting category, you will find wood splitters, professional chain sharpeners, grafting knives, bow saws, and much more. Trust Ducatillon Austria for reliable and high-performance cutting tools.

Wood Splitters: Easily Divide Wood

Wood splitters are designed to facilitate wood division. Made with durable materials, these splitters offer optimal striking power to efficiently split wood. Whether you need firewood or wood for other projects, our wood splitters will allow you to work quickly and effectively.

Professional Chain Sharpeners: Always Sharp Chains

To maintain the performance of your chainsaw chains, professional chain sharpeners are essential. These precision tools allow you to quickly and easily sharpen the teeth of your chain, ensuring a clean and efficient cut every time. Don't let dull chains slow you down, opt for our professional chain sharpeners.

Grafting Knives: Achieve Perfect Grafts

The grafting knives from Ducatillon Austria are specially designed for horticulture enthusiasts. With their sharp blade and ergonomic handle, these knives allow you to make precise and neat grafts. Whether you are a gardening enthusiast or a professional arborist, our grafting knives guarantee professional results.

Bow Saws: Precise and Efficient Cutting

Bow saws are ideal for precise and efficient wood cutting. Their toothed and sturdy blade allows for a quick and clean cut, whether for pruning or construction work. With their ergonomic design, these saws also offer a comfortable grip for extended use.

Hori Hori Knives: Versatility and Robustness

Hori Hori knives are versatile and robust tools, perfect for cutting and digging work. Their sharp and pointed blade allows you to perform various tasks, such as cutting weeds or digging holes for planting. These knives are an essential ally for gardeners and landscapers.

We understand the importance of having the right tools for wood cutting. With our catalog, we offer you quality solutions for all your needs. Trust Ducatillon Austria for reliable and efficient cutting tools, to successfully complete all your wood-related projects. Also, discover our category Wood Cutting and Storage .