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Fence net




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A fence net is an essential piece of equipment for farmers who want to delimit a space for their animals and ensure the safety of their farms.

Why use a fence net ?

Your livestock need enough outdoor space to move freely on your property. To allow them to fully enjoy this comfort zone without the risk of them escaping, protective netting is an effective solution. Not only does it allow you to delimit their space, but it also ensures their safety by protecting them from potential predators.

If they are effective in keeping your animals safe, they are also useful for the protection of your crops: vegetable gardens, orchards and fields in particular against wild boars.

Which fencing net to use and for which animals ?

There are several types of fences for animals to be adapted according to the type of species you raise. Indeed, the type of fencing will depend on the size of your animals. Mesh sizes are available in several sizes to help you choose the right fence for the right animals. If the mesh is not well adapted, there is a risk that the net will not be effective. There is also a risk of your animals getting their heads stuck or injured if it doesn't fit. The height of the fence should also be taken into account since some animals might jump over it. Thus, in our catalog you have the choice according to the species: net for hens, rabbits, sheep, birds…

Electric nets

Among our products, we have models of electric nets. The electrified wire dissuades predators or animals from getting too close to the fence and therefore from entering the enclosure or, on the contrary, from escaping. It is an ideal solution to prevent the infiltration of pests that attack your livestock or crops. The electric net is connected to an electrifying station.

Our different protection nets

Our range includes different models. They all have the advantage of being long enough to extend over a large perimeter but also of being easily and quickly installed. In addition to our fencing nets, we also offer :

  • - Aviary nets: they allow to protect orchards and vegetable gardens, especially from birds. They are made of anti-stripe UV treated yarns and are resistant to bad weather. They are light, removable and can cover large areas. The width of our mesh ranges from 15 mm to 50 mm. Several widths are also available depending on the surface to be covered.
  • - The ring net : it is also called mist net. It can only be used in closed areas such as sheds to catch escaped birds. It is invisible when installed, which makes it very effective.