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Hunters understand the importance of a loyal hunting dog. To do this, you need to teach your four-legged friend the importance of obedience from an early age. The use of a dog training collar is absolutely essential to achieve this. Before you buy an e-collar, make sure you do some research to find out what suits your needs.

How do I choose a dog training collar ?

The range

The distance at which your transmitter is still able to send a signal to your receiver is called the range. For the range of your system to be complete, nothing can come between the transmitter and the receiver. Often, while hunting, you will encounter thick terrain that will weaken the range of your signal. It is therefore recommended that you purchase a training collar with a longer range than you expect to need.

Stimulation level

This is a manual setting that allows you to control the amount of vibration and static shock associated with your e-collar. Each dog needs a different level of stimulation. Therefore, be careful when fine-tuning the frequency that best suits your dog. The maximum level of stimulation your pet can tolerate will vary depending on his temperament, skin and coat thickness.

The Tone

The tone button makes a quiet sound that can only be heard when you are near the collar. Do not confuse this function with the beeper function, which is used to locate your dog when you are in the field. Some people like to use the tone function as a pre-stimulus warning if the dog does not follow a command. Others use it as positive reinforcement. The tone can be used for either purpose, but most dog trainers will tell you to use it as a silent command. For example, if your dog is outside the range of your voice, you can use the tone function to act as a voice command. Instead of shouting "come here my dog", you can press the tone button.


The vibration of the e-collar is usually used to get your dog's attention. It is most often used when your pet is obedient and friendly, which is usually later in the training process. Some dogs may never respond to the vibration because they have a more aggressive and independent personality. However, don't rule out vibration and try it with your dog at some point in the training process.

The multi-dog system

This feature allows you to use the same transmitter to control multiple collars. All you need to do is buy an additional collar of the same model. If you hunt with several dogs, it is highly recommended that you purchase an electronic collar with multi-dog functionality.

Waterproof technology

If you are looking to use your e-collar for waterfowl hunting, make sure it is 100% waterproof. Your dog stalks in the rain, travels through wet areas and walks through puddles when hunting, so it's extremely important that the training collar still works after being completely submerged in water.

All you have to do is choose from our range of dog training collars. Also check out our leashes for walking your dog.