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Successful hunting starts with game identification. That's why you should never neglect your choice of hunting optics.

While the cost of binoculars and spotting scopes can be a hindrance, the experience they offer in the field is well worth the investment in quality optical equipment. One reason for the price is the technical performance that is essential for spotting game by day and night in all outdoor conditions.

Consider hunting optics equipment as a long term purchase as properly maintained, it can be used throughout your hunting career.

How do you choose your hunting optics?

It is important to consider all the elements: glass, ergonomics, adjustments, coatings, in short, all the determining criteria that justify the investment. Here are the factors to consider in your choice of hunting glasses or binoculars.


When using a pair of binoculars, the image should be brighter than what you can see with the naked eye. Animals often move around at the beginning and end of the day, when the light is low. Brightness is therefore essential for spotting them in difficult outdoor conditions. Without a quality scope or pair of binoculars to illuminate your field of view, it's easy to miss opportunities.


Brightness makes it easier to see in the dark, while sharpness makes it easier for you to make out details. A blurred image or one subject to strong vibrations can prevent you from differentiating game from its surroundings. The quality of the glass, the technical construction and the coating of the lenses all contribute to clarity. Look for absolute sharpness and a high contrast image when choosing your equipment.

Weather resistance

Weather conditions and humidity, heat and dust are real enemies for your hunting optics for clarity but also for the longevity of your equipment. So the quality of your equipment also depends on its ability to withstand the elements.

Ergonomics and adjustments

Spotting is an activity of patience. The longer you stay behind your binoculars, the more likely you are to see game. For those long hours of observation from the top of your tree stand or hidden in the wilderness, you need optimum comfort. For hunting binoculars, a good grip on your equipment is necessary not only to be comfortable but also to avoid moving too much. You need to be able to make careful adjustments to your equipment while keeping it securely in your hand.

By taking all these elements into account, you are sure to make the best investment for your hunting optics and thus go out to spot game in the best conditions !