Care and Grooming

Care and Grooming





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Taking care of the fur and ensuring proper grooming is essential to keep your dog or cat healthy and give them a beautiful coat. At Ducatillon Austria, we understand the importance of this beauty routine for our four-legged friends, which is why we offer you a wide range of products for fur care and grooming, specially designed to meet the individual needs of your pet.

What type of brush to choose?

Let's start by talking about brushes. Brushes are versatile tools that help remove knots and dead hair, while stimulating blood circulation in your pet's skin. At Ducatillon Austria, you will find double and ionizing brushes that deliver exceptional results. Double brushes have two different sides, suitable for different types of fur, while ionizing brushes help reduce frizz and give your pet's coat a smoother and shinier appearance.

Dog clippers

Are you considering trimming your pet's fur yourself? In that case, our clipper heads are what you need. These clipper heads are compatible with professional hair clippers, allowing you to achieve precise and professional-quality grooming at home. With our extensive selection of clipper heads, you can adjust the hair length according to your preferences.

If you're looking for a complete solution for grooming your pet, our dog clippers in a case are an excellent choice. These grooming kits include a professional clipper as well as all the necessary accessories, such as guide combs, scissors, and brushes. They are designed to deliver superior performance while ensuring the safety and comfort of your pet during the grooming session.

For pet owners with higher grooming standards, we offer semi-professional clippers. These clippers are designed for intensive use and provide increased power and precision. They are perfect for owners of breed dogs that require regular and meticulous grooming.

Sometimes, your pet may need a quick clean between grooming sessions. This is where our sponges come into play. Our sponges specially designed for pets are soft and absorbent, making them ideal for wiping off minor stains or dirt. They are convenient to use and offer an easy way to keep your pet clean and fresh.

At Ducatillon Austria, we understand that every animal is unique, which is why we offer a variety of products for fur care and grooming to meet all needs. Whether you're looking for brushes, clipper heads, clippers in a case, sponges, or semi-professional clippers, we have what you need to keep your pet happy, healthy, and with a beautiful coat. Discover our selection today and give your pet the grooming they deserve! You can also explore our category of Dog Hygiene.