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Ducatillon has selected for you a diversified range of garden bird feeders, in order to meet your expectations and the well-being of your birds. You will find different ranges as well as different capacities answering at best your request.

Different types of feeders : Roller feeder

This feeder will be the essential accessory for your pigeons. Indeed, the anti-perching roller will prevent your pigeons from perching on the feeder and soiling it. The practical lid makes it easy to fill. The layout of the feeder is such that your pigeons will be able to eat simultaneously.

BEC feeder

This feeder can be fixed on various supports, walls, fences... Its design is thought in order to keep the grains dry and protected from the rain. Moreover, the feeder is designed to limit waste.

Cage feeder

The cage feeder is attached to the bars of the cage so that the birds can feed whenever they want. The cage feeder is designed so that you can fill it directly from the outside of the cage. Plus, it's designed to minimize waste.

Self-opening feeder

This feeder is designed to prevent rodents and scavengers from fouling the feeder. You will be in charge of choosing when you want the feeder to be accessible with a setting. This setting can be set for only a few openings per day.

Hopper feeder

The hopper feeder is a real advantage because you will be able to prepare a supply of food for one or more days, while keeping the food dry and protected from the weather. Its transparency will also allow you to know the remaining quantity available.

Anti-waste feeder

This type of feeder is a considerable economic asset. Indeed, many pests come to plunder the feeders. Anti-spoilage feeders are designed so that to access the food, the animal must activate a pedal. This limits the access to any pest but also keeps the food clean by avoiding the access to insects and cockroaches. In addition, the feeder is designed to keep the food dry and protected from the elements.

Turntable feeder

Practical, this feeder allows you to complete the feeder without having to open the cage. In addition, it limits waste, being fixed, the birds will not spill the bowls containing food.

Anti-pest feeder

This type of feeder will allow you to avoid the arrival of various pests such as rats, mice, insects and many others. In addition, this feeder will prevent the contamination of your food by various diseases brought by these pests. With the same system as the anti-spoilage feeder, the animal will have to step on a pedal to have access to the food.

Aviary feeder

The aviary feeder allows birds to have access to food continuously. Its suspension allows the birds to come and eat in complete peace. It is advisable to place the feeder in an area sheltered from the wind. In addition, feeders can be equipped with perches. It is important to adapt the number and size of feeders to the number of birds to be fed. In addition, hygiene is very important, feeders must be cleaned inside and outside. You can do this with hot soapy water, then rinse thoroughly after cleaning.