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Ducatillon Austria is a reference in terms of articles for breeding and agriculture. The Quail category on our site offers a wide range of equipment for the management and maintenance of these poultry. Whether you are an amateur or professional breeder, you will undoubtedly find everything you need to optimize the productivity of your breeding.

What equipment is necessary for quail breeding?

To start with, the cages for laying quail available at Ducatillon Austria come in different types and sizes, allowing to meet the specific needs of each breeder. The cages are made with resistant and durable materials, offering a quality environment for the birds. Fattening crates are also available for breeders wishing to increase the size and weight of their quails before selling them.

Feeders and drinkers are essential accessories to ensure optimal feeding and hydration of quails. The feeders offered on the Ducatillon Austria website are practical and easy to fill, with sufficient capacity to feed a large number of birds. The drinkers are also designed to meet the specific needs of quails, providing easy access to water while avoiding waste.

Rings and fittings are also items offered by Ducatillon Austria for quail breeding. Rings are used to uniquely identify each bird and avoid confusion. Fittings are essential for the implementation of an automatic feeding and watering system, thus facilitating the work of breeders and ensuring a constant supply of food and water for the birds.

Hoppers are indispensable equipment for storing and distributing food for quails. The offered hoppers are of superior quality and designed to meet the needs of breeders, regardless of the number of birds to be fed. Lastly, heated drinkers are accessories that help maintain water at an optimal temperature to prevent quails from suffering from the cold.

In summary, Ducatillon Austria offers a wide range of equipment for breeders wishing to optimize the productivity of their breeding. The products offered are of superior quality and durable, thus providing an optimal environment for quails. You can also find other accessories for your quails on our website. Also, get all the equipment for starting quail breeding at Evolutionary Cage for Quail , Metal Cage.