Sharpener, Rifle and Grinder

Sharpener, Rifle and Grinder




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You cook a lot, your knives lose their sharpness? Knives must be sharpened regularly to guarantee their efficient cutting. For this purpose, Ducatillon Austria has selected a wide range of sharpeners, grinders and guns.

The electric sharpener

Real ally for the cooks, the electric sharpener will allow you to sharpen your knives easily and quickly.

To do so, it is essential to choose a sharpener adapted to your needs and your knives.

In order to meet your expectations, the sharpener can be equipped with different materials, such as ceramic or diamond. The advantage of these materials is their longevity. Indeed, they are more durable than steel.

The automatic sharpeners allow you to be guided, either by a magnetic guide, or by the provision of several wheels. This guidance will allow you to have an ideal angle for the sharpening of your knives.

Ducatillon Austria offers you a sharpener with two positions. These are composed of a coarse grit sharpening disc, this disc allows you to remove the material when the knife is dull, then a fine grit sharpening disc to perfect the edge.

The sharpening gun

The sharpening gun is an essential tool for regular sharpening. It is possible to find diamond, steel or ceramic sharpening tools.

The choice of the sharpening gun is made according to your needs.

It is important to first determine what material of bit you want. You will find more easily steel grooved bits but we have noticed for a few years the generalization of ceramic and diamond bits.

In order to make the best choice, it is important to know what type of knife each bit is made for. First of all, the steel rifle is used to sharpen French and German knives and many other types of knives. You will find this type of gun in many butcher shops.

Then, the ceramic rifle is the tool most similar to a whetstone. This type of knife sharpener will allow you to sharpen any type of knife, including the hardest blades.

The diamond sharpener is recommended for use on the hardest steels. In addition, you can use it on thinner blades, which you will find on French knives.

In parallel to your choice of rifle, it will be essential to choose the size of your bit. Indeed, this choice must be made in coordination with the size of your knife blades. It is important that your rifle has a safety device on the handle.

Depending on the knife you want to sharpen, the size of the wick will vary.

For a chef's knife, Santoku or slicer, you will need a 25 cm wick. If you want to sharpen knives whose blade measures more than 24 cm, you will need a 30 cm wick.

Guns cannot sharpen knives with ceramic blades, such as sushi knives.

The sharpening stone

The whetstone is easy to use. Indeed, in order to sharpen your knife, you only have to rub it on one side of the stone. Like other sharpening methods, you will have a coarse part on the whetstone that will allow you to improve the sharpness and a finer part that will allow you to refine the blade.

The sharpener

The sharpener will allow you to sharpen your knives and scissors in a simple and fast way. Composed of two blades, the sharpener will allow you to sharpen your utensils in 3 passes.