Rabbit food

Rabbit food




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Like all other animals, rabbits need a good diet to stay healthy and thrive. Ducatillon offers its dedicated range of rabbit food to meet your pet's needs.

Rabbit food: the importance of a good diet

Taking care of your rabbit means first of all providing it with sufficient food that is adapted to its nutritional needs. Rabbit food is designed to satisfy the rabbit's appetite and provide it with everything it needs for its proper development. Choosing the right food for your rabbit means guaranteeing optimal health, providing it with all the nutrients it needs to grow and protecting it from potential health problems such as digestive problems. You don't know where to turn? Ducatillon is here to guide you.

What does a rabbit eat ?

The rabbit is a herbivorous animal which therefore feeds mainly on vegetables. Generally speaking, the rabbit's diet contains these three elements :


Rabbit food consists mostly of hay, which should be available to the rabbit at will in a hay rack. This is a fiber-rich diet recommended for rabbits especially for his digestive system.

Fruit and vegetables

For a balanced diet, it is advisable to feed your rabbit fruit and vegetables as they are an excellent source of vitamins. Nevertheless, you should be careful about the quantity and types of fruit and vegetables. Favour vegetables rich in vitamin A such as cress, carrots or celery. As for fruit, it should be given in small quantities because of the sugar it contains. Remember to wash them well with water before giving them to your rabbit.


Finally, to supplement rabbit food and give your rabbit all the essential nutrients it needs, consider pellets. This is not the mainstay of his diet but it is still an ideal rabbit food. They are easier to distribute. However, be careful not to give him too much as it is a very rich food. You have to be careful what you choose. At Ducatillon, our pellets include at least 40% alfalfa. They contain natural additives for the prevention of coccidiosis, which causes diarrhea in rabbits.

In addition to these items, we offer in our catalogue a batch of two mineral blocks, designed to regulate the dental growth of rodents. These mineral blocks are made up of 15.7% calcium, 8.2% sodium, 6.8% phosphorus and 2% magnesium.

Our range also contains a 5kg bale of straw. Straw is used more as bedding as it easily absorbs urine and droppings. So you can put it in the hutch.