Knife set and box

Knife set and box




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You wish to acquire a set of kitchen knives for your culinary preparations? Ducatillon has selected for you sets of kitchen knives that best meet your expectations. You will find sets, cases, lots of all types of knives.

What is a knife set?

The kitchen knife set is composed of several knives. It is sold in sets or cases. The knives that make up the set each have a specific use. In fact, this knife set only contains one copy of the same knife, so that you can use it according to the food you want to cut.

Each knife has a specific characteristic, depending on its shape, its blade and its use. How to choose?

First of all you have to identify the food you want to cut with your knives. Indeed, each knife is specifically recommended for a category of food.

Then, you will find thin-bladed knives that are recommended for peeling fruits and vegetables. The thick blade knives are recommended for cutting bread and vegetables.

Then knives with honeycomb or fluted blades are recommended for cutting ham for example.

Then, it is advisable to take into account the material of manufacture of your knife.

What are the different parts of a knife?

First of all, a knife is composed of a handle, which allows to maintain and operate the knife.

The edge, which is the cutting part of the knife, this part that you will sharpen, you can find all the sharpening equipment on our site This cutting part can be on one side of the blade, or on both sides. The back, which is the part opposite the edge, that is the part of the knife that is not sharp.

The blade is the general part where the edge and the back are located. The guard protects your hand and prevents you from cutting yourself.

What are the different types of knives?

Chef's knives are knives that you can use in many situations. Indeed, this knife will allow you to cut, slice or chop. It is mainly useful for cutting meat, vegetables, fruits and fish. The blade of this knife usually measures between 20 and 30 cm.

The paring knife is a knife that will be used to peel your fruits and vegetables. Composed of a fine blade, this knife will allow you to perform all types of meticulous work on your food, such as cutting. The blade measures between 7 and 10 cm.

The boning knife will allow you to remove the meat from your poultry and fish, but also to bone and de-bone them. Its blade measures between 15 and 20 cm.

The serrated knife is a knife with a long serrated blade. This one will allow you to cut your breads, watermelons and any other hard food to cut.

The material of your blade

You will find knives made of various materials.

Steel is the common material for your knives. The advantage of this material is its durability and cutting efficiency.

Ceramic is a material that is becoming more and more diverse, and it will be common to find ceramic knives in kitchens. Ceramic knives are recommended for their very good cutting efficiency. On the other hand, this knife is fragile, so you must be careful to limit its falls.

Stainless steel avoids oxidation. This knife is efficient for its use. The advantage of this one is that it is easy to use and light.