Cutting board and butcher block

Cutting board and butcher block




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The cutting board is the essential accessory to have in your kitchen. You can find cutting boards of various materials, such as wood or plastic. The cutting board will be your ally in the cutting of your fruits, vegetables, meats or delicatessen.

The use of the cutting board

The cutting board will allow you to cut your food safely, without damaging your table or work surface. You can find cutting boards in various materials such as wood or polyethylene for example. You can use this utensil to cut any type of food, vegetables, fruits, meats...

It is advisable to place the cutting board on a flat and stable surface so that it does not slip or move when you cut your food.

The cutting board is practical for all people. Indeed, although it is an essential utensil for cooks in the preparation of dishes or desserts, it is equally useful for individuals who want to make their cuts.

You will find boards of different shapes, although they are regularly rectangular. You can also accessorize it by adding a container to collect your cuts. In addition, some boards are equipped with a handle, which will allow a more convenient grip.

The wooden cutting board

The wooden cutting board is of very good quality. Indeed, wood is a robust material, which will generate a long term life.

This life span will vary depending on the wood used, such as bamboo or olive tree for example. Wooden cutting boards should be cleaned mainly with water and dishwashing liquid. It is not recommended to put them in the dishwasher.

The polyethylene cutting board

The polyethylene cutting board is practical and accessible. Indeed, this cutting board is dishwasher safe.

However, it is important to pay attention to the condition of your cutting board when cutting to avoid finding small residues.

The advantages of the cutting board

The cutting board will allow you to cut your food cleanly and safely. Indeed, you will be able to make clean and neat cuts to perfect your creations. Moreover, the cutting board will prevent your knife from slipping and cutting you.

This is why it is essential to place your board on a clean and smooth surface. Your cutting board will also prevent damage to your work surface.

On the other hand, it is important that you clean or change the board between uses. Wooden boards are likely to retain an odor or traces of the food previously cut.

In addition, the fact of cleaning or changing the board according to your cuts, will avoid the crossing of sometimes raw food and thus their contamination between them.

A cutting board is a utensil to be changed as soon as it becomes worn. It is true that this utensil is very practical and allows you to make beautiful cuts, but the knife cuts can sometimes remain visible. Therefore, it is important that once your cutting board is damaged, you replace it. This replacement will allow you to limit the development of bacteria and the difficulty of cleaning.

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