Jacket, Blouson and Parka

Jacket, Blouson and Parka




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As with all equipment, choosing the best hunting jacket starts with the type of hunting you will be using it for. If you plan to hunt multiple seasons or multiple species, you will probably need at least two jackets. One for cold weather hunting, and one for warm weather. Of course, there are other factors to consider when selecting the right equipment. Our parkas, jackets and hunting jackets have various features that are essential for any good hunter.

How to choose a hunting jacket?

The right jacket material

Be careful of materials or finishes that are shiny or noisy. If you wear reflective materials, you will be easier to spot. Similarly, if your jacket is noisy when you walk or move, you will alert animals to your presence. You should therefore choose a material that is non-reflective, quiet and able to withstand the weather.

Cotton is one of the most common materials for clothing, but although breathable, it dries slowly when wet and retains odours. Wool is heavier than cotton, but it dries faster and helps you retain heat. It is also odour resistant. These characteristics make it an excellent base layer. But as an outer layer, it clings easily to plants and branches. High-quality synthetic materials are light, flexible and breathable. They dry quickly, help retain heat and offer varying degrees of protection against moisture. They are therefore generally the best option in the field.

A hunting jacket for the weather

Hunting is an outdoor activity, so any good hunter should dress for the weather. Fleece or breathable jacket, waterproof, windproof, poncho, rain jacket, you need to be able to choose what will suit you best to protect yourself. In wet weather, choose a waterproof jacket to stay dry for the duration of your outing. Make sure your jacket is also windproof so you don't get cold. For stalking game in wintry conditions, make sure you choose a jacket that is big enough to wear a layer underneath like a hunting jumper or sweatshirt for example. Our warmest jackets are fleece-filled for a warm and comfortable feel.


This goes hand in hand with choosing the right materials. You're going to be wearing your jacket regularly, so you need to make sure it's durable enough for you to wear it for a long time. Sturdiness is also important to prevent it from tearing when rubbing against branches, brambles or plants.

Hunting safely

Dress in comfortable, durable and weather-appropriate hunting clothes yes, but don't neglect safety either! A bright orange hunting jacket will alert other hunters to your presence and reduce the risk of accidental shootings. Bright orange is also a colour that deer don't see very well, which means you don't give up your camouflage for safety reasons.

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