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The bird call is an essential instrument to imitate the calls of animals and thus attract them. This instrument is used in hunting to attract birds and game. This instrument is essential for hunting or observing animals.

What is a bird call?

A decoy is an instrument used to imitate the calls of animals such as birds or game in order to attract them. This instrument is usually used for hunting, but it can also be used to observe different species in their natural state. Each call imitates a particular species. So, if you want to observe different species during your walk or attract several species, you will need different calls. In addition, this instrument can have different shapes, however, in general, the principle is to blow inside to emit a noise. The call can be similar to a whistle or a flute.

The call in hunting

Hunters usually use instruments to bait their prey. The decoy is a practical lure that can be carried easily and fits in the pockets of a jacket.

The decoy in observation

Generally used for hunting, nature lovers can also enjoy using the decoy in an observation context and thus call different species. This instrument will be a major ally for photographers, curious, who wish to attract animals. Moreover, thanks to its perfect imitation, the call will allow you to engage in an exchange with certain species. Indeed, some animals will answer your calls and start a conversation with you. To perfect this exchange with the animals, you will have to train yourself in order to carry out dialogues to perfection. To do this, you will need patience and determination to learn how to reproduce the songs of different species. This bird call can delight young and old alike, and will be an indispensable instrument for your walks in the forest or in the countryside.

Which species to attract with a bird call?

First of all, bird calls can be used for all species of birds. You can find different types of bird calls on the Ducatillon Austria website. Among these species you will find for example:

    • - Skylark, this bird species responds perfectly to calls
    • - Snipe, this bird species emits two different calls when it is on the ground or in flight, the call will perfectly attract your prey
    • - Deer, this call will allow you to call a female or a fawn

In addition, you will also find calls for duck, gadwall, jay, crow, turtle dove, pigeon, fox, and many other species. For each species, the principle remains the same each time, attract the different species.