How to sow your seeds

How to sow your seeds




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It is possible to sow indoors or outdoors, the choice is made according to the fruit or vegetable grown. For some of them, it is possible to sow them inside and outside. Ducatillon has selected for you the ideal material to realize your seedlings.

Where to sow?

It is advised to sow your seeds indoors in order to avoid the climatic changes and the possible damages that they can cause. However, there are different ways of sowing. Indeed, you can place your seedlings in a greenhouse, in a growing tunnel or in a window box. According to the method used, Ducatillon has selected for you different accessories necessary to sow your fruits and vegetables.

The seeders :

It is easy to sow large seeds by hand, such as pea seeds or squash seeds. However, when it comes to sowing finer seeds, the task becomes more complicated and it is essential to use a seeder. Indeed, it will allow you to sow the small seeds one by one. This accessory will prevent the seeds from sticking to your hands or from falling too quickly and ending up in too many places. The seeder will allow you to sow seeds in a regular way.

The precision seeder will adapt perfectly to the size of the seeds you want to sow. This one will be suitable for the production of large quantities on a small surface.

The small seeder will be your ideal ally if you wish to sow in small quantities. This one will allow you to deposit the seeds one by one in your garden or vegetable garden. By its small size you will be able to use it everywhere and slip it in your pocket.


The tunnel of culture allows the acceleration of the growth of your seeds. The growing tunnel will protect your seedlings from bad weather, such as wind, rain or sun, but also to warm the soil by keeping the heat inside it. This tunnel is ideal for growing tomatoes, zucchinis, eggplants or peppers.

The BIG 3 mini greenhouses are equipped with aerators to keep the soil at an ideal temperature. Equipped with a heating support, your plantations will be constantly at the same temperature and will not undergo any hazard. These mini greenhouses are ideal for rooting cuttings.

The planter or mini greenhouse, will allow you to realize your seedlings in any place. It can be placed on a balcony, a terrace or in a garden. You can plant your fruits, vegetables, herbs or flowers. The planter is essential if you do not have time to take care of your seeds. Indeed, it is equipped with a water reserve which will allow it to feed your seeds in an autonomous way.

The cloches to be forced, in the same system as the greenhouses allow to accelerate the growth of your seeds. Ideal for salads, they will force their development. Moreover, these cloches bring a protection against the pests as well as the bad weather. These cloches are ideal for salads, melons, squash...To keep your greenhouse dry and warm, you can add a greenhouse heater. This will prevent freezing and keep a constant temperature in your greenhouse, whatever the weather conditions.