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Birds need to live in an environment adapted to their needs. Aviaries must be thought and adapted to the birds you are breeding. Ducatillon has selected for you the best aviaries and aviary nets adapted to your birds.

First of all, the choice of your aviary will have to be made according to the species of bird that you will keep. Indeed, depending on the birds you will house, the needs will not be the same. In addition to taking into account the species you will be housing, it is essential to take into account the number of birds that will be living together. Aviaries are to be preferred to cages, if you decide to have a large number of birds, or large species. The aviary must be designed so that the birds can fly easily.

When choosing the design of your aviary, it is advisable to focus on the length of the aviary rather than its height. Indeed, birds generally fly horizontally, so this will allow them to have a larger and more pleasant space for their development. It is important to remember that this advice is not universal, and that some species of birds prefer height to length. For example, parrots prefer to climb, as does the Catherine parakeet.

More generally, South American parakeets fly less than other birds, they mainly walk and climb. This is why for these species it will be advised to favor the height. It should be noted that the larger the aviary, the more your birds will flourish in it. On the other hand, it should be noted that if your bird is alone and small, it might get bored in a small aviary. The aviary should be as close as possible to the bird's natural space, and should therefore be accessorized.

Which net to choose for the aviary?

When choosing your net, you should consider the size of the mesh needed to protect your species. Mesh sizes range from 15mm to 60mm to protect your birds from small and large pests. You can find all the information you need to choose the right mesh size on our website in the nets category.

How to enter the aviary?

It is essential that you have access to the aviary and that you can enter the aviary, whether for maintenance or for feeding your birds. For this purpose, Ducatillon offers a selection of wire mesh doors to protect your birds from pests. You will have the choice in terms of material, between a wooden door, aluminum or galvanized steel.

Which bottom for the outdoor equipment?

It is preferable to choose a sand or earthen floor. Indeed, the maintenance of the aviary will be more practical, and you will only have to rake the bottom. Moreover, when it is necessary, you will be able to change it easily, without disturbing the environment of your animals. Finally, it is essential to equip your aviary with accessories, such as perches, so that your birds can fly and flourish in their living space.