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Shearing is essential for the hygiene of the animals, and even more so for sheep. It not only eliminates parasites from the animals but also provides them with incomparable well-being. Sheep shearing is very important, which is why you need professional tools. In this category you will find our selection of shearing equipment.

Why should sheep be sheared?

Sheep do not moult, so shearing is simply necessary, at least once a year. Furthermore, shearing sheep is essential for their health and well-being. It also frees the sheep from a thick layer of wool that makes them too hot in summer. Also, if a sheep is not sheared regularly enough, it will not feel well and may even get sick from the dirt that accumulates.

How do you shear your sheep?

Although this task is exhausting and quite messy, it is important to do it carefully so as not to injure your sheep or damage their wool. In addition, it is necessary to do it at least once a year on all your sheep. Finally, it is essential to have the right tools and the right shearing equipment to do a clean and precise job!

Our shearing equipment:

In this category, you will find the shearing equipment necessary for shearing sheep. There are several possibilities for this task:

  • - Electric sheep shears: These shears are perfect for shearing sheep. It allows you to shear your sheep quickly and efficiently. The Heiniger sheep shears are the best known. It is strong, robust and will allow you to shear your sheep with precision. Don't worry, they won't be hurt when shearing even with an electric shears.
  • - The shearing force: This traditional tool will allow you to shear your sheep in the absence of an electrical source. The blades of this animal clipper have been treated to be strong and durable over time.
  • - Sheep shears: This manual tool allows you to shear your sheep with one hand. It is generally used for finishing work.
  • - The two-handed sheep clipper: unlike the scissor model, this animal clipper allows you to clip your sheep with both hands. It is very efficient!

In this category, you will also find our gas dehorner. It is, in fact, an appliance that has been designed for dehorning animals and more particularly young animals. Whether for cattle or sheep, the gas dehorner allows you to remove the horns of your animals from their youngest age.

In short, this shearing equipment and the dehorner will be your allies in caring for your sheep! Don't hesitate, order now your sheep equipment !