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Sterilizers are essential equipment for kitchen professionals, food producers, laboratories, research centers, and industries. They are used to eliminate bacteria, viruses, spores, and other unwanted microorganisms present on surfaces, instruments, and food products. Find specific kitchen sterilizers at Ducatillon Austria.

What is a sterilizer?

A kitchen sterilizer is a device used to destroy microorganisms such as bacteria, molds, and viruses that can be found on kitchen utensils, baby bottles, and other baby items, as well as on canned and glass jars for preservation. Sterilizers can use heat, boiling water, or ozone to destroy these microorganisms. They are often used to sterilize baby bottles and baby items to prevent infections, as well as to sterilize glass jars and canned products to extend the shelf life of food. There are different types of sterilizers, including steam sterilizers, electric sterilizers, microwave sterilizers, and boiling water sterilizers.

Various types of sterilizers

Steam sterilizers are the most common, using steam to sterilize objects by placing them in a sealed chamber and exposing them to high temperatures. This method is effective for eliminating bacteria and spores. Steam sterilizers can be used to sterilize medical instruments, kitchen equipment, packaging, and food products.

Ozone sterilizers can also be used, utilizing ozone to sterilize objects by generating ozone in the sterilization chamber. This method is effective for removing bacteria, viruses, and spores and does not require high temperatures.

It is important to choose a sterilizer that suits your needs based on the objects and products you need to sterilize, your budget, and your sterilization preferences. It is also essential to ensure that the sterilizer is easy to use, reliable, and complies with current health and environmental standards. You will also find our preservation products on the website Material for food preservation.