Drainer, Strainer and Skimmer

Drainer, Strainer and Skimmer




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If you are passionate about cooking, you know that the right tools are essential for successful preparation and cooking. The drainer, strainer, and skimmer are commonly used kitchen utensils that help remove excess water or liquid from food. Ducatillon Belgium has thought of you by selecting the best products.

There are several types of drainers, strainers, and skimmers, each serving a specific function. The drainer is typically used to drain pasta, vegetables, and fruits. Drainers come in metal, plastic, and silicone, with holes of different sizes and shapes to accommodate various types of food.

The strainer is another essential kitchen tool used to drain water and liquids from foods such as vegetables, fruits, rice, and pasta. Strainers can be made of metal, plastic, or silicone, and also come in different sizes and shapes to suit your needs.

The skimmer is used to remove foam, fat, and floating food particles from liquids. It can be used to take out fried foods from hot oil and foods cooked in broth or sauce. Skimmers can be made of metal or silicone, with different sizes and shapes to meet your needs.

Uses and Benefits

Drainers, strainers, and skimmers are essential kitchen tools that offer many benefits. They allow you to eliminate excess water or liquid from food, which can enhance the quality and flavor of dishes. They are also useful for preparing large quantities of food and for professional chefs who cook in large quantities.

In conclusion, drainers, strainers, and skimmers are indispensable kitchen tools for successful preparation and cooking. Choose the appropriate tools based on your needs and preferences, and enjoy delicious and well-prepared dishes.

What is the difference between a drainer and a strainer?

The drainer and the strainer are two kitchen utensils with similar functions but significant differences.

A drainer is a container with holes, usually made of metal or plastic, used to drain foods after washing or cooking. The drainer is often used for draining pasta, vegetables, or fruits.

A strainer, on the other hand, is a kitchen utensil with a bowl-shaped structure, also perforated with holes. The strainer is used to filter solid foods from liquids, such as pasta, rice, boiled vegetables, sauces, soups, and juices.

The main difference between the drainer and the strainer is their function. While the drainer is used to drain solid foods after washing or cooking, the strainer is used to filter solid foods from liquids.

In terms of design, the drainer usually has a flatter structure, while the strainer has a more rounded shape to retain solid foods. Strainers often have handles or hooks to hold them in place on the edge of a bowl or pot, while drainers often have feet to keep them on a flat surface.

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