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Transport equipment





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Move your pets around easily and safely with our range of pet carriers. At Ducatillon we offer a variety of models to suit the type of animal you wish to transport. We offer transport crates for poultry and birds as well as for other small animals: rabbits, rodents...

What is the purpose of a transport cage?

As a breeder, you may have to move your animals for various reasons. Are you looking for an efficient way to transport your animals? A transport cage is a cage or basket of sufficient size to accommodate your livestock or pets. It is also an ideal equipment for breeders who want to be able to move around easily while guaranteeing the comfort and safety of their animals. The animals are housed in open, ventilated crates that are comfortable for them and large enough to allow them to move freely. Depending on the crate you choose, you can transport one or more animals. These transport crates are lockable to prevent your animals from escaping and to keep them safe. The transport crates for poultry and other animals are available in different sizes and in different materials.

Our different animal transport crates

The cages we offer are suitable for transporting poultry but also other birds, game and animals of different sizes depending on the dimensions of your cage. To transport a chicken or any other animal, you need to get quality equipment that can offer optimal transport conditions. If you browse our catalogue at Ducatillon you will quickly notice the wide choice available to you.

Among our range of animal transport crates, you have at your disposal :

  • - Cages for poultry, pigeons, rabbits and other small animals such as rodents
  • - The larger ones are designed for moving geese, turkeys, kids and lambs
  • - You can also choose small baskets for quails or chicks
  • - We offer crates for transporting game such as pheasants or partridges as well as for decoys
  • - Finally, our section also contains transport crates for dogs, cats and other pets

A transport cage for every animal

Our pet transport material is available in various sizes. You can choose the size of your cage according to the type of animal you want to transport and the number of animals. If you are taking several animals with you, some of our baskets have several compartments.

Most are suitable for small animals. These include chickens, ducks, rabbits and rodents. Large transport boxes are useful for larger animals such as geese, turkeys, kids, lambs. Others are small to accommodate quails or pigeons. These transport cages are also used for hunting. Hunters use them to transport game such as pheasants, partridges or decoys.

Characteristics of the transport cage

Our transport equipment is made of plastic or wicker if you want something light and easy to move. We also offer aluminium baskets for extra strength. Some of our models are foldable for added convenience. Our transport boxes are light and above all have a lot of openings to allow perfect ventilation for your animals. Some models are available with a solid bottom. For added convenience, there is a door on the top of the cage and a side opening for easy entry and exit. Some models have a handle to keep the box in hand when moving around. Ideal for hunters, the green colour of the cages specially designed for decoys will blend in with its surroundings and go unnoticed when hunting.

Come and discover our range of cages for chickens and other poultry, pigeon baskets, foldable transport crates and wicker baskets for farm animals and pets.

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