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You want to buy a slicer? Ducatillon has selected for you the best electric slicers for cutting your ham and other cold cuts. For individuals or professionals, the electric slicer is an essential in the cutting of your delicatessen.

The use of the electric slicer

The electric slicer is first of all a device to be used in complete safety, because it is sharp. To perfect its handling, you will need several uses.

First of all, it is essential to choose the location of your slicer carefully. It must be placed on a flat, clean and ventilated surface.

It is advisable to have a container handy to put your cuts in so that you don't rush into leaving the machine on.

It is important to choose foods that are appropriate for the size of your slicer. However, if you want to cut food with a larger diameter than the slicer, you can cut it beforehand.

First, for the cutting of your food, you will have to choose the thickness of the cut that you want to obtain. To do this, the electric slicer has a handle to choose the thickness. The cutting thickness can go from 0 to 15 mm in most of the time.

The electric slicers have a carriage, part in which you will have to put the food that you want to slice. Once you have chosen the thickness of the cut, you will have to return the carriage towards you to place the food.

Once these first two steps are done, you can use the pusher to bring the carriage towards the blade. The cleaning of the electric slicer is to be carried out imperatively when the apparatus is switched off and unplugged.

For which foods can the slicer be used?

You can use the electric slice for many different foods. First of all for your cold cuts, which will accompany your raclettes or aperitifs for example. Then you can use the slicer for your fruit, cheese or bread.

It is not recommended to cut frozen products. Moreover, it is important to be careful about the potential holding accessories present in the meats such as staples, which could damage your machine.


No matter how you use your slicer, cleaning is an essential step. Indeed, for a question of taste after slicing your food, if you slice cheese and then fruit, it could affect the taste of your food.

Then mainly for the hygiene and to limit the proliferation of bacteria which could contaminate your device. For this, the slicer can be disassembled to obtain an optimal washing.

First of all you will have to remove the pusher and the carriage from the base, then remove the two slots. You can remove the blade by turning the safety knobs. Before starting the cleaning it is important that the slicer is unplugged and completely cold.