Heating bulbs and heating panels

Heating bulbs and heating panels




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Raising chicks requires certain precautions so that they can develop in the best conditions. When they leave the incubator, they are still fragile. A successful start-up period is essential to integrate them in the henhouse. The temperature has a role to play. We propose here heating lamps and heating panels for chicks. Discover our catalog and our tips to keep your chicks warm !

The importance of temperature for chicks

After 21 days of incubation, the eggs hatch. It is then advisable to leave your chicks in the incubator for an extra day. This gives them time to dry out and gain some strength. But it is still too early to integrate them into the flock. You will first place them in a rearing cage, a starter box or a nest designed by you and protected from predators. This one must be dry and especially at the right temperature.

Heat is vital for your chicks. Without a broody hen that will provide them with the right temperature, it is up to you to control it in order to offer the necessary comfort for the survival and the good development of your breeding. The temperature is essential. Indeed, out of the egg, the chicks do not have feathers yet but only a down. They are therefore more sensitive to cold.

What is the right temperature for your chicks ?

The ideal temperature for your chicks will change over the weeks. The first days, it must reach 37 degrees. During a month, you will gradually lower the thermostat every week to reach an ambient temperature of 20°C.

In order to check that the heat is sufficient, you only need to observe the behavior of the chicks. If they are huddled together under the lamp, it means that they are cold. On the contrary, if they are very far from the heating lamp, the heat is too important. At the right temperature, the chicks walk around and chirp.

To warm up your chicks you have several solution :

The chick heating lamp

The heating lamp or an electric chick brooder is the most often used heating solution. We offer them with infrared or ceramic bulbs. Unlike the ceramic one, the infrared bulb emits light. You can choose one or the other depending on your need for light.

The power of the lamp is determined by the size of the coop or the number of chicks in your flock. Make sure that the heat source is sufficiently protected to avoid endangering your animals.

The chick heating panel

The chick warming panel is designed to reproduce the same feeling of warmth as when the chick snuggles up to the hen. These panels are mounted on a stand, allowing you to adjust the height of the panel as the chicks grow. For the heating process to be effective, the chick must remain in contact with the panel.

Discover our complete offer of heating lamps and heating panels for chicks for a breeding in the best conditions.