Breeding equipment

Breeding equipment





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You are a breeder or a livestock enthusiast and are looking for the right equipment for your activity and your animals? Ducatillon has selected for you a wide range of transport, identification, feeding, slaughter and plucking equipment.

Transport equipment

If you have to move with your animals, you will need transport equipment to be able to transport your animals in the best conditions.

For all small animals, you can choose removable plastic transport cages, which will save you space when you are not using them.

Choose cages with a solid bottom so as not to injure the animals during transport, cages that are airy, light and large enough for the animal being transported. The cages and crates offered on are lockable to prevent the animals from escaping.

For chickens, ducks, rabbits or other rodents, a rectangular crate or basket is suitable.

For pigeons or similar sized birds, you can opt for the same type of transport crate, made of plastic or aluminum. You can also choose wicker baskets, in rectangular shapes, which will include separation compartments to facilitate the comfort of your birds.

There are also transport boxes for decoys, available in small or large models. These boxes can also be used to transport game birds such as partridges and pheasants.

Identification material

To link animals to their owners and to distinguish one animal from another, it will be necessary for breeders to use identification material. A series of numbers and/or letters can be used through marking rings, tattoos, a collar or an ear tag to identify the animal.

The rings are mainly designed for birds such as hens, chicks, ducks, partridges, parakeets, quails. The sizes vary depending on the animal and can measure between 2.5 and 27 mm in diameter. Ducatillon offers them in sets of 25, 50 or 100 rings. They are numbered and of different colors, which will facilitate the distinction.

The ear tag is used for sheep, pigs, cows or goats. The tag is attached without hurting the animal.

Tattooing can identify an animal by tattooing it inside the ear. This will be useful for rabbits, cats or dogs.

Feeding, slaughtering and plucking equipment

For farmers who slaughter their own poultry or other animals, use a sharp bleeding knife that will allow you to prick the meat and make it bleed without damaging the flesh.

We recommend the use of a stunner which will facilitate the bleeding of the stunned animal.

For the plucking of your animals, Ducatillon offers a range of wet or dry plucking machines for poultry. You will be able to perform the plucking between 30 seconds and 1 minute without handling the animal.