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Hunting trousers are probably the garment that is most exposed to wear and tear when hunting, as you are often on your knees, crossing impassable terrain with bushes, brambles, mud... A good pair of hunting trousers should be comfortable for stalking over long distances, and above all they should be suitable for hunting and for the environment in which they are used. It is therefore very important that you choose the right trousers according to your needs.

Ducatillon offers a wide selection of quality hunting trousers. Every detail is carefully considered and no compromises have been made when it comes to features and ease of use so that you can enjoy the best hunting experience possible.

What are the essential features of a pair of hunting trousers?

Waterproof and breathable fabric

any quality brands now offer trousers designed to be fully waterproof and breathable. Although they can be worn as overpants, many of our trousers are lined and can therefore be worn as normal trousers, while still offering the same protection.

Whether you choose an overtrouser or lined trousers, we recommend that you choose a waterproof and breathable fabric, as you can never be sure what conditions you may face. The great thing about waterproof fabrics is that they not only keep you dry but they also dry very easily.

An elastic waistband

The elastic waistband offers greater freedom of movement when you turn around quickly, and also keeps your shirt or thermal clothing secure.


When hunting game, you need to carry a range of tools and equipment, including a mobile phone or walkie-talkie, a knife, shotgun shells and so on. Rather than having to carry a backpack, why not use the trouser pockets to help you carry the essentials and keep them within easy reach? Many of our hunting trousers have been designed with a range of different pocket sizes and styles: front, back and side pockets large enough to store your gear. Beyond comfort, this is also a garment that is meant to be practical.


The strength of your hunting trousers depends heavily on the shooting or hunting conditions you find yourself in. If, for example, you shoot or hunt in difficult terrain such as heather or rough terrain, you may want to consider investing in a pair of overpants. You can also opt for trousers designed with heavy duty fabric in key areas, such as thighs, knees, legs. For extra protection, also consider a pair of gaiters to wear over your boots.

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