Watering hole

Watering hole





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Your rabbit needs access to a source of constant hydration. A water bowlDucatillon has selected a variety of drinkers for you, as well as the appropriate accessories.

What are the different types of drinkers?

There are different types of waterers that will satisfy your needs as well as those of your rabbits.

The automatic waterer:

this trough must be connected to a water source that allows its continuous water supply . To do this, buckets are provided for this purpose in order to have a water reserve. The advantage of this waterer is that your pet will have clean, fresh water for several days without your intervention. Some automatic drinkers can offer a float system . This system automatically regulates the level of water available to the animal and prevents it from overflowing or being at a too low level.

The bottle holder:

This waterer is practical and designed to allow animals to hydrate themselves . Indeed, it can be fixed on any type of fence. Ducatillon Belgium offers you different types of bottles that can be adapted to the bottle holder.

The hooked trough:

This waterer can be easily and quickly fixed on any type of support. In addition, it can be used as a drinking bowl but also as a feeder . It is necessary to regularly check the water level in this trough so that the rabbit has enough water constantly.

How often to change the water in the trough?

When temperatures are constant, it is recommended to changer l’eau of the watering hole once a day. However, in hot weather, you must be particularly vigilant about hydrating your pet. We recommend changing the water two to three times a day, so that the rabbit has clear and fresh water available throughout the day. Moreover, in this case, it is recommended to increase the volume of water The rabbit should be given a water bowl and a second bowl of water should be added. The hydration of the rabbit is essential for its well-being, but so is the hygiene of its environment. That's why the water bowl and feeder must be emptied and cleaned every day.

For the cleaning part, if you are using the water bowl, it is advisable to wash the accessories in hot water with soap or dishwashing liquid, and rinse well. It is also possible to disinfect the drinking trough and the feeder with vinegar, rinsing thoroughly before re-use..

How much water for a rabbit?

First of all, your rabbit's diet will have an impact on its water consumption. This is because vegetables are rich in water, so if your rabbit eats vegetables, it will require less water. On the other hand, if your rabbit eats hay or pellets, it will require more water.

What water is recommended for a rabbit?

Rabbits are small animals. Therefore, it is important not to give them water with a high level of limescale. Tap water can be provided, as long as it has a low calcium level. In addition, it is important that the calcium level is low.