Pigeon loft equipment

Pigeon loft equipment




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Ducatillon Austria is the preferred partner for all your pigeon loft equipment needs. Our wide range of products will meet all your expectations, whether you're looking for plastic pigeon nests, ventilated pigeon nests, fibre nest bottoms, pigeon locker grids, spoutniks, plastic baths, or pigeon flaps. We offer you top-quality products to create a functional pigeon loft tailored to your pigeons. Explore our selection and give your pigeons the best possible environment.

Plastic Pigeon Nests: Comfort and Easy Maintenance

Our plastic pigeon nests combine comfort and convenience. Specially designed for your pigeons, they provide a smooth surface that is easy to clean, ensuring a hygienic environment for your birds. The durability of our plastic nests guarantees their long-term use.

Ventilated Pigeon Nests: Better Air Circulation for Pigeon Health

Good air circulation is essential for the health and well-being of your pigeons. Our ventilated pigeon nests are equipped with carefully designed ventilation systems to ensure optimal air circulation in your pigeon loft. Provide your pigeons with a fresh and healthy environment thanks to these nests specially designed to maximize their comfort.

Fibre Nest Bottoms: Increased Hygiene and Comfort

The fibre nest bottoms for pigeons improve the hygiene and comfort of your pigeon loft. Their absorbent composition makes cleaning easier and reduces the risk of diseases and infections in your pigeons. Provide your pigeons with a soft and comfortable surface to rest in peace.

Pigeon Locker Grids: Optimal Organization and Safety

Choose from different sizes and configurations to create a well-structured space for your pigeons. In addition to optimizing space, these grids offer increased security by preventing pigeons from escaping or injuring themselves.

Spoutniks, Plastic Baths, and Pigeon Flaps: Essential Accessories

In addition to the basic elements, Ducatillon Austria offers a variety of essential accessories for your pigeon loft. The spoutniks provide your pigeons with a comfortable space to rest. Plastic baths allow them to bathe and refresh themselves. Pigeon flaps are ideal for controlling the movement of your pigeons. Equip your pigeon loft with these high-quality accessories to provide your pigeons with a complete environment.

Ducatillon Austria is your reference for pigeon loft equipment. With our range, you can create a functional and comfortable pigeon loft for your pigeons. Trust Ducatillon Austria to provide your pigeons with an optimal environment that promotes their health, comfort, and performance. You can also explore our category Pigeon Loft.