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The greenhouse is an essential piece of equipment for any good gardener. Would you like to purchase a garden greenhouse? Then this category is for you. Browse our products and discover a wide choice of greenhouses, tunnels and growing boxes to grow your plants, fruits and vegetables. Different models and sizes are available depending on your use, all you have to do is make your choice.

Why use a garden greenhouse ?

Growing plants, fruits or vegetables requires a minimum of equipment and patience but also ideal conditions whether in terms of light, humidity or temperature. The garden greenhouse is precisely there to guarantee your crops the most favourable environment for their good development. Indeed, the greenhouse allows you to reconstitute a micro climate in which your crops benefit from all the elements brought together to grow in the best conditions. In the open air, your plants, fruit and vegetables are more vulnerable to the weather but also to insects and animals. The garden greenhouse ensures optimal protection throughout the year.

How to choose your garden greenhouse

The garden greenhouse comes in several models. Each greenhouse corresponds to a particular use. Here are some examples :

  • - The glass greenhouse : it is both efficient and aesthetic with its glass or polycarbonate walls. This model offers optimal luminosity for the good development of your crops.
  • - The tunnel greenhouse : it is also called forcing tunnel and consists of steel hoops and a flexible plastic sheet. This format can be found in many gardens. The dimensions of the tunnel greenhouse vary from model to model and allow large areas to be covered.
  • - Mini greenhouse and frame greenhouse : these are greenhouses in small format. It is used to sow young plants to be planted later.
  • - Backed or wall greenhouse : a model recommended for those who are not lucky enough to have a large garden. This greenhouse is placed against a wall. Due to its shape, it easily receives heat and therefore promotes the growth of plants.
  • - The balcony greenhouse : for those who do not have a garden, this is the model you need. A small, practical format ideal for growing aromatic plants from your balcony.

Your garden greenhouse at Ducatillon

Your garden greenhouse is waiting for you in our catalogue! From the tunnel greenhouse to the mini greenhouse through the growing box or the vegetable garden square, you have a choice to choose the ideal equipment adapted to your garden and your crops. To grow tomatoes, salads or herbs, you will find everything you need on this page. Discover them without further delay. You can also check our category dedicated to seedling preparation.