Feeding equipment

Feeding equipment





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You raise animals and need feeding material? At Ducatillon, we have selected the best feeding products for you. Find in our range of drinkers, feeders and grain mills adapted to each animal.


Drinking troughs are essential for the proper hydration of your animals. They must be adapted to their needs.

To choose the right waterer, you must take into account the type of animal, the volume of water that will be necessary for your farm, and the conditions of your hydration system.

You will want to use nose bowls for milking cows, cattle, calves and waterers that are protected from potential cattle kicking.

For horses, sheep and lambs, we recommend a constant level waterer with a float system, which will automatically fill the waterer if the water level falls below.

Waterers for poultry and small animals can come in different forms. There are bottle drinkers, automatic drinkers with float, drinkers with tanks. For small animals such as rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs, it is preferable to use small drinkers.


Ducatillon has selected a range of feeders adapted to your needs and those of your animals.

For cattle and sheep, you can choose an open feeder, which will keep the feed away from the ground to prevent moisture and molding of the feed. The open feeder provides protection from the wind and gives the animals enough room to feed while preventing them from climbing into the feeder.

You can put in feed such as grain, pellets, chopped hay or manufactured feed.

If you want to be able to combine different types of feed in your feeder, choose a hybrid feeder that will give you the ability to offer your animals hay along with pellets and grain. They have the advantage of being sturdy and easily movable.

However, they are not adapted to protect the food from rain and to prevent molding of the food. In this case, it is recommended to move these feeders to the shelter during the rainy months.

Grain mills

The cereal mill is used to reduce solid food into small pieces by grinding them. Corn, wheat, rye, barley, oats, peas, buckwheat, beans can be crushed or ground in the mill. These feeds will be easier for your animals to digest.

Depending on the size of your farm, you can choose between a manual mill, suitable for small herds, or an electric mill, which will save time for larger herds. A flattener will be suitable for flattening cereals or large seeds for horses, sheep or cows.

While a sheller will be specially designed for corn. It can be manual or automatic.