Camouflage Net and Hut

Camouflage Net and Hut




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Camouflage is essential during your hunting trips. It will allow you to be invisible to your potential prey. Ducatillon has selected for you the best camouflage nets and hutches, which will best meet your needs.

The camouflage net

Initially used in the military field, the net has become widespread and is now used for hunting. It will allow you to camouflage yourself and make you invisible to game. In addition to hiding you and your post, it will be useful to hide cars or watchtowers. In order to adapt to the environment; in which you are located, different types of camouflage exist. The camouflage net will be your best ally during your hunting trips. Easy to carry, you can slip it into your bag and place it wherever you want.

You should choose your net according to the environment in which you will be. If you're going to the desert, you'll want to use a brown or sand-colored camo net. If you are hunting in the forest, then we recommend a green or woodland net.

As a general rule, black, brown, green and beige nets are colors that are hidden in nature, so if you are hunting or doing activities such as airsoft, it will be wiser to prioritize them. The nets offered by Ducatillon allow you to choose different camouflage patterns.

Moreover, you can choose the size according to your needs, Ducatillon offers you to order your camouflage net on measure. The net is openwork which will allow you to observe through it without being hidden. Moreover, our nets have an anti UV and anti-reflection treatment. This will allow you not to be spotted by the game.

The camouflage net can be your ally during hunting but also for any other activity such as fishing and photography. You can find nets with or without rope. The net with rope is the most common for hunting. The net without rope is just as resistant, this one is used more as decoration, and thus is used to shade a terrace or a garden.


The hunting hut is a shelter that can be assembled and disassembled to hide from all prey. It is easy and quick to assemble. The hut will allow you to be hidden from all sides.

Tips to realize its camouflage

It is advisable to study the position of the sun, so that you are not dazzled, but also to avoid all the potential reflections that you could have. It is also important to study the direction of the wind, especially if you are hunting birds. It is necessary that your camouflage net or hut blends into the background, and that your prey does not spot you. You will have to choose your camouflage according to the season and the environment. You must not be spotted, for this it is essential to limit your movements. Finally, it is necessary to remember that the smaller your hideout, the less you will be spotted.